Calling Space Coast Companies! Help us Raise Money to Support Our Community

Join Us in Making a Difference at “Live Local, Give Local” Charity Auction! On December 7th, Catania Product Development is hosting their 3rd annual “Live Local, Give Local” charity auction, benefiting the South Brevard Sharing Center (SBSC). Last year’s event resulted in raising $10,000 for SBSC! Feature loal auction items, brews, bites and music, join us this year to raise even more to help our local community!

What is Design for Manufacturability? 

What is DFM? Through Catania’s Design for Manufacturability process, we ensure a positive user experience through ALL aspects of your product design lifecycle.

Through Catania’s Design for Manufacturability (DFM) process, we ensure a positive user experience through ALL aspects of your product design lifecycle. Properly executed DFM in the initial design stage will yield optimal returns in terms of both time and cost. Read more to find out how DFM encompasses several principles to establish an effective manufacturing plan.

Why Hire a Project Manager with Catania Product Development?

Through Catania’s Technical Program Management, we ensure total customer satisfaction for your most crucial project and program needs. Here at Catania Product Development, we strive every day to deliver the best user experience possible. Our team of talented mechanical, manufacturing, systems, and project engineers is ready to provide a personalized experience that meets the unique … Read more

Celebrating Sustainability on Earth Day

Blurred image of a laptop screen being pointed at, with text that reads "Sustainability focused! Step 1, Material; Step 2; Manufacturing; Step 3: Use; Step 4: Disposal & Engineering"

Catania Product Development’s passion is not just fueled by our customer’s success, but the positive impact we make for our planet by decreasing our environmental footprint. Catania Product Development is a team of passionate people that work to elevate the user experience in each and every project. Part of this passion is ensuring that the … Read more

Three Keys to Success for Your Synapse Florida Event

Synapse, SwiftPaws and the win

Innovation is alive in Central Florida, a Synapse Florida event will help elevate your business – here’s how we found success. Synapse is the statewide connector of Florida’s innovation community, creating opportunities for entrepreneurs, investors, and talent to find what they need and share what they have. Through their annual events, leaders from all industries, … Read more

We used VR to increase the user experience and won!

Virtual reality – the fully immersive experience that brings you to another world (or makes you run into a wall) is so much more than video games or simulated roller coasters. Virtual reality is ushering in a new era of product development through a virtual prototyping environment – something we are perfecting here at Catania. … Read more

Responding to Shark Tank, Design for Cost

Image of person holding a redesigned smaller pulley with the large pulley in the background.

Have you ever made the observation of how products get smaller? Have you ever looked at computers from the 70s and compared them to today’s computers, and asked, how did that happen?    As engineers and designers, we do that all the time. We do it in part because we’re curious about things and we … Read more

Reverse engineering to develop a better product.

Person looking at a custom designed wheel, with the title reading "Design for Manufacturing: Simplifying with Reverse Engineering".

Ever torn something apart or broken something down piece by piece to see what’s inside?  In the process did you discover something new, like how it was made?  I know that I have. Recently, I took apart one of my son’s remote-controlled toys and what I found was that it was surprisingly complex. It was … Read more

From mailbox to MilaBox, Shipping Rethought

An artistic mailbox with words overtop reading "The MilaBox, A Look at Catania Design Process".

“Find a job you enjoy doing and you’ll never work a day in your life.”  Mark Twain’s famous quote is more than just lip service. It’s our mantra. Passion is contagious. It flows from one person to another, feeding the energy and drive from employees to customers. The projects that have the most success are … Read more

Its not a job, its a life style – Mobile Design Lab

The best work doesn’t always happen sitting behind a desk…meet the Mobile Design Lab. When we think about our primary goal, it’s to provide our customers the best product development experience. We do that by thinking outside of the box and sometimes outside of the office. This philosophy inspired the creation of our mobile design … Read more