Three Keys to Success for Your Synapse Florida Event

Innovation is alive in Central Florida, a Synapse Florida event will help elevate your business – here’s how we found success.

Synapse is the statewide connector of Florida’s innovation community, creating opportunities for entrepreneurs, investors, and talent to find what they need and share what they have. Through their annual events, leaders from all industries, backgrounds and careers showcase their unique solutions, build connections, and demonstrate thought leadership. These events foster relationships where talent is hired, funding is secured, new customers are acquired, investments are made, and lives are changed. Catania Product Development has been fortunate to attend several Synapse events, including Orlando 2022 and Summit 2023 in Tampa, each time learning new key takeaways. Below, we share three things we learned which can help you as you plan your Synapse Florida.

1) Build a memorable experience to stand out from the crowd.

Ray & Stefanie receiving an award from CEO of Synapse, Brian.

It was a thrill to receive the “Best Experience Award” at Synapse Orlando, especially as a company that focuses strongly on redefining the user experience. Winning this award came from our focus on our strengths and individuality, which we showcased to attendees. See more about our winning experience, which highlighted our virtual prototyping environment providing our booth visitors a dive into virtual reality, while teaching them about our unique service offerings. This strategy not only made us stand out (and win!) but provided key contacts for future Synapse events. 

2)Build bridges through connection. Stefanie and Ray speaking with people at Synapse

Synapse events foster relationships where talent is hired, funding is secured, new customers are acquired, investments are made, and lives are changed. The key component in this statement is relationships. Connecting at Synapse goes beyond just the important connections to build business, but building bridges where whole networks will benefit. Catania is fueled by the success of not only our clients, but by our community of innovators and small business owners. This success can create a domino effect where future momentum benefits us all.

“We were able to build meaningful, genuine relationships in both Orlando and Tampa Synapse events,” said Stefanie Catania. “We’ve been actively working to connect this new network to areas or people where they may benefit. By building these bridges, our whole network can rise together.”

3) Consider sponsoring! 

Catania Synapse Sponsor

A Synapse Florida sponsorship not only provides a higher level of exposure to attendees and the Synapse audience, but it builds important relationships with Synapse Florida team members. By doing this, you are able to learn about certain details of the event earlier on AND learn about future events and sponsorship opportunities, giving you a leg up when it comes to planning your Synapse experience.

We can’t wait to attend additional Synapse Florida events in the future to bring back even more best practices, and connections, to help grow our innovative community here in Central Florida.

To learn more about how Catania can help you with your products or ideas contact us directly on our website (link here). 

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