Celebrating Sustainability on Earth Day

Catania Product Development’s passion is not just fueled by our customer’s success, but the positive impact we make for our planet by decreasing our environmental footprint.

Catania Product Development is a team of passionate people that work to elevate the user experience in each and every project. Part of this passion is ensuring that the environmental footprint of our company is reduced through a process called the Design for Sustainability Phase, a small, yet critical, phase of every project we do.

“The vivid green color of Catania’s logo helps remind us of our impacts to this earth, and the fact that we’re really trying to keep it green all the time,” Ray Catania, Chief Technology Officer of Catania.

Earth Day is celebrated every April 22. Catania is excited to contribute to the movement, highlighting the importance of dedicating our time, resources, and energy to environmental issues, especially in our own backyard. See more about how we do this, in the four parts of our Design for Sustainability Phase below:

Catania Product Development concentrates on sourcing local materials whenever possible. This process not only supports the local community, but reduces the need for unnecessary shipping and travel to reduce carbon footprint.

Not only does Catania Product Development concentrate on sourcing locally, but we also look at ways to manufacture locally as well. One example of this is our partnership with local non-profit, Brevard Achievement Center (BAC). BAC provides persons with disabilities innovative services and opportunities to achieve personal success and has created the pathway for employment for over 650 individuals, including assembly of Catania products.

Ensuring product use is sustainable and responsible, while elevating user experience (you know we’re all about user experience), is key for Catania Product Development and a critical part of our Design for Sustainability Phase.

Disposal and Recycling
Although it may seem that the product cycle ends at production, it really continues even through disposal. It is critical that Catania understands how our products will impact the Earth upon disposal to reduce or eliminate any negative impacts they could cause.

Celebrate with us and learn more about Earth Day 2023 and ways you can make an impact at www.earthday.org/earth-day-2023/

To learn more about how Catania can help you with your products or ideas contact us!

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