IAM Robotics Bolt CRX

Business to Business (B2B) Collaboration

The IAM Bolt CRX is an Autonomous Mobile Robot (AMR) designed for mobile robotic manipulation. This project was done in collaboration with IAM Robotics to design and produce an adapted solution for use in factory floors.

Catania designed the assembly that mates the robot arm on top with the IAM Bolt autonomous mobile robot (the small grey area at the bottom).

Catania also designed the automated motor driven roller conveyor system that the tote is sitting on. The Catania team was responsible for the industrial design as well as the mechanical engineering of all components that integrate the IAM bolt to the Fanuc CRX 10 collaborative robotic arm.

Collaborative Autonomous Robot

This robot is designed to work in a manufacturing facility to autonomously pick up totes, transport them to a work area, and use the robot arm to remove parts from the tote and place them in another machine for different manufacturing processes.

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