We used VR to increase the user experience and won!

Virtual reality – the fully immersive experience that brings you to another world (or makes you run into a wall) is so much more than video games or simulated roller coasters. Virtual reality is ushering in a new era of product development through a virtual prototyping environment – something we are perfecting here at Catania. As a team, we strive to redefine the user experience across the whole product and development lifecycle, and the virtual prototyping environment is just one (a big one) of the ways we are working to make this happen.


So, how does a virtual prototyping environment elevate the customer experience? Let us count the ways:

  • Reducing time to market: Virtual prototyping environments provide the ability to prototype a proposed design in a virtual environment – giving customers a real look at their vision AND providing a shorter time-to-market by reducing the scope and effort of engineering changes.
  • See your product come to life:  A virtual prototyping environment allows for a more accurate and customized view of your prototype before moving to the final design and manufacturing process. You’ll be able to change colors and materials, feel and interact with your product, and much more.
  • A really, really, cool experience: A little cherry on top, customers get their own award-winning virtual reality experience. Catania, as a first-time attendee, was honored by the Synapse Florida team as one of the “Best Experience” Awards at Synapse Orlando in 2022 with their booth featuring their virtual prototyping environment.

“We focus very heavily on user experience, and you’ve heard us talk about user experience and how important it is to us. To be honored with something that says best experience just goes to show that our hard work and effort are really paying off,” Catania Founder & CEO, Stefanie Catania

To learn more about how Catania can help you with your products or ideas contact us directly on our website (link here). We promise we won’t let you run into any walls.

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