Our portfolio


We are an experienced design firm trusted by industry-disruptive companies such as Tomahawk Robotics, Amaranth Vase Co. and a variety of successful inventors and start-ups.

Our breadth of experience positions us to take your product from concept to production with a cradle to grave life cycle.

MilaBox - The Smart Mailbox

Innovative Smart Mailbox

Catania took an idea from an inventor from initial concept through a first prototype.  This smart mailbox features solar power to charge the system, lighting for night-time safety and ambiance, and secure mail compartments. Future prototypes will also include intelligent remote operation and additional upgrades.

AbSculpt's Revolutionary Ab Roller

innovative ab-roller

Catania made an inventor's dream of a bi-directional resistance ab roller a reality with the AbSculpt design.

Like all Catania projects, the process was tailored to meet the specific needs of the concept and inventor's goals.

IAM Robotics Autonomous Mobile Robot

The CAD render of the full system

The IAM Bolt CRX is an Autonomous Mobile Robot (AMR) designed for mobile robotic manipulation. This project was done in collaboration with IAM Robotics to design and produce an adapted solution for use in factory floors.

Amaranth Vase - Twist, Drain, Trim


2019 Global Innovation Award Design finalist

This vase design by Catania features a multi-tiered drain and arrangement management system using sliding O-ring seals and multi-step twist, lock and seal system.

The Amaranth Vase is currently being mass produced and available for purchase at the Amaranth Vase Company.

MIMIC and MIMIC Holster


Catania led the design of the rugged waterproof housing, which contains complex sensitive electronics. All components are contained in a sealed housing featuring complex geometries both internally and externally.

Offshore Anchoring System


Designed for open-ocean use, this custom anchoring system was designed for an Autonomous Underwater Vehicle.  Catania designed, tested and integrated this system to safely hold the AUV in place during foul weather, be seen by radar and be visible at night.

High Intensity Submersible Marine Light


Catania designed and manufactured a complete rugged LED lighting system for use in subsea environments.


Toddler Balance Bike


This Toddler Balance Bike designed and manufactured by Catania was made from plywood and small enough for a 1 year old to use.

This project has moved into the detailed design phase with a focus on mass production of flat pack kits in the near future.

Molded Silicone Rubber Products

4x7 cell pad take 2 v6

Catania has the expertise to design and manufacture high-pressure casted parts using silicone rubber, urethane rubber, and plastics.

The design featured here has an embedded QI Wireless Charger base.

Complex Surface Modeling

Catania is experienced in the modeling of complex surfaces for use in product design, consumer electronics and even ruggedized electronic housings.

Defense Contracting

  • Develop ruggedized components for use in extreme conditions. Product uses ranged from terrestrial and shipboard applications, to sub-sea environments. Designs utilized custom designed electronics as well as off-the-shelf components that were hardened through the use of conformal coatings, epoxy staking, and encapsulation. Designs also completed potting and over-mold of components to provide waterproof, dust-proof, and vibration-resistant components.
  • Design mechanical structures and pressure vessels for unmanned subsea systems.
  • Experienced in leading proposals, including all aspects of the cost and technical volumes of various bids.