Catania Product Development Expands Operations in Melbourne, FL

Company partners with Groundswell Startups to bring Prototype Lab to Space Coast

Melbourne, Fla. (June 09, 2023) – Catania Product Development, a product-design and engineering firm out of Melbourne, Florida, announced its expansion at the Grand Opening of Groundswell Startups’ Prototype Lab. The company will expand from its current location within Groundswell Startups to the offices of the Prototype Lab located on Irwin St., next to this premier high-tech incubator on Florida’s Space Coast. 

With the addition of the Prototype Lab, which Catania serves as founding partner, the company’s team and resources will grow to include two new team members and expanded capabilities including industrial additive manufacturing, laser cutting/engraving, media blasting and electronics testing. With this new capacity, Catania will elevate its mission to deliver an exceptional user experience, while building some of the most efficient products on the market.

Raymond Catania, CTO of Catania Product Development spoke at the Prototype Lab Grand Opening to mark this groundbreaking new facility and described how this lab will bring a new set of advancements for the local community; 

“This lab will be a gamechanger for innovation on the Space Coast, providing avenues to make amazing products faster, and more affordable. We are proud to be able to give back to a community which has given us so much and look forward to the amazing products and ideas we will contribute to through the Prototype Lab.”

The Prototype Lab has already proven to increase capabilities for entrepreneurs throughout the Space Coast. Since starting operations in April, Catania’s expansion at the Prototype Lab has facilitated the production of a proof of concept for its client SwiftPaws in a matter of days, saving critical time and resources to provide a quicker time to market. Before the Prototype Lab, this process would typically have taken several weeks.

During the grand opening ceremony of the Prototype Lab, Groundswell CEO Jarin Eisenberg stated

“Catania operates with an incredible amount of integrity. This opening is also about their company expanding and growing their presence along with us.”

The mission of the Prototype Lab at Groundswell Startups is to break down barriers to bringing new technologies to market by helping founders access the expertise and equipment they need to quickly prototype, iterate, and scale. The Prototype Lab includes printing capabilities, circuit board assembly and testing tools, and design services. To see a full list of capabilities, visit 

To learn more about Catania Enterprises, visit   


Catania Product Development is a Brevard-based startup that focuses on artistic designs that elevate the user’s experience.  Their team is passionate about their projects, resulting in designs that the end-user will love and delivering engineering services in the most efficient and productive ways. To learn more about Catania Product Development, visit 

Image: Catania’s new office location, between Tomahawk Robotics and Altergy, on Groundswell Startups growing campus.

Image: Catania’s new office location, between Tomahawk Robotics and Altergy, on Groundswell Startups growing campus.

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