Catania Enterprises New Product Announcement

BéBé-Vélo Balance Bike

1-Year old children can accelerate balance and coordination on the BéBé-Vélo Balance Bike

No training wheels needed!  

Ultra-low adjustable seat height fits even the smallest riders

Specially designed steering geometry provides stability while being easy to control

Sustainable birch plywood construction for long-lasting durability and made in the USA!


Even the Little Ones Can Ride!


Accelerate Coordination and Balance

Children can develop balance at a very young age. A proper sized, well-designed balance bike helps to accelerate their coordination and balance. The skills learned on a balance bike improve stability and teach control. These skills lead to a faster and safer transition to riding a bicycle.

Most balance bikes currently available are too large for children under 2 years of age, while a child may begin using a balance bike concurrently with learning to walk.

With a proper fitting balance bike, many children can transition to a pedal bike without the use of training wheels!



A Stylish Right-Sized Balance Bike for Toddlers


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