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Generative Design

By Catania Product Development | April 20, 2021

Ever wondered how those buildings with web like arches and products with futuristic looking structures are even made? It’s all through generative design! Which can be performed right from the desk of an engineer! What is Generative Design? Generative design is an iterative design process which utilizes software and calculations to generate multiple solutions with … Read more

Form and Function: The Catania Enterprises Approach

By Catania Product Development | April 16, 2021

A feature on Good Morning America is a big deal for any business, but for a small business, it is game-changing. Groundswell member Catania Enterprises teamed up with Amaranth Vase Company to produce a reimagined flower vase so innovative, it was promoted on Good Morning America’s “Deals & Steals” this fall. Talk to any entrepreneur and they … Read more

Let Us Help You Bring Your Idea to Life

By Catania Product Development | April 13, 2021

Let Groundswell Startups help you successfully launch your new product – everything you need from design, to rapid prototyping, small-run manufacturing, to ecommerce expertise, it is all right under our roof.