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An artistic mailbox with words overtop reading "The MilaBox, A Look at Catania Design Process".

MilaBox: A Look at Catania’s Design Process

By Catania Product Development | September 1, 2022

“Find a job you enjoy doing and you’ll never work a day in your life.”  Mark Twain’s famous quote is more than just lip-service. It’s our mantra. Passion is contagious. It flows from one person to another, feeding the energy and drive from employees to customers. The projects that have the most success are those … Read more

A man sitting at a desk in the mobile design lab

Mobile Design Lab: Bringing Catania To You

By Catania Product Development | July 28, 2022

The best work doesn’t always happen sitting behind a desk…meet the Mobile Design Lab. When we think about our primary goal, it’s to provide our customers the best product development experience. We do that by thinking outside of the box and sometimes outside of the office. This philosophy inspired the creation of our mobile design … Read more

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Not Your Typical Big Business Project Management

By Catania Product Development | June 20, 2022

Studies show that organizations who use project management techniques are 28% more likely to meet their target business objectives.  But not all project management systems are alike. Sometimes bigger isn’t always better.  Here at Catania, we individualize our project management techniques to provide the best fit to meet your needs. And it all starts with … Read more

Redefining The User Experience

Redefining the User Experience

By Catania Product Development | May 27, 2022

A product is more than the end result of an idea made into a real-life design. It’s your baby. Your brainchild. But seeing your dream made into a reality shouldn’t signal the finish line. The ultimate goal of any product is to serve its user beyond the original concept to give them the best results … Read more

We are inventors for inventors

At Catania, We Are Inventors for Inventors

By Catania Product Development | April 27, 2022

Click for Video on Inventors for Inventors Catania is founded upon the spirit of innovation because every member of the team is an innovator at heart. Most are also inventors. Christine Bralich is just one of those stories. Christine has been working at Catania for a little more than a year. She is passionate about … Read more

Freedom and Flexibility Create Optimal Work-Life Balance at Catania

By Catania Product Development | March 30, 2022

Engineers have made some pretty astonishing accomplishments in the past 100 years. In fact, it’s hard not to look at just about everything around you and not be amazed at how far technology has come in such a short time. So, with all these advancements in technology, how is it that the technology industry hasn’t … Read more

SwiftPaws® Shows Off Sleek Lure Controller Design at ESPNs Fastest Dog

SPOTLIGHT: SwiftPaws® Shows Off Sleek Lure Controller Design at ESPNs Fastest Dog USA Competition, December 2021

By Catania Product Development | March 3, 2022

On Christmas Day 2021, SwiftPaws® was given the opportunity to show off the latest version of its lure controller at ESPN’s American’s Fastest Dog Competition. In business for the past decade, SwiftPaws® ( holds the patent for lure coursing equipment and is currently the only professional manufacturer in the industry. The competition took place at … Read more

freedom plus creativity equals company culture at catania

Freedom Plus Creativity Equals Company Culture at Catania Enterprises

By Catania Product Development | February 1, 2022

Catania Enterprises’ company culture is based upon the premise that freedom begets creativity. Ray Catania, CTO, Catania Enterprises, is a mechanical engineer who has always been passionate about creating innovative solutions. He and his wife, Stefanie Catania, CEO, started their business to help other small business owners and inventors turn their ideas into functional products … Read more

Researching Your Next Idea: 3 Steps to Ensuring Success before Designing

By Catania Product Development | July 21, 2021

For many inventors and start-ups, success or failure all hinge on proper initial research. This can be one of the hardest things for enthusiastic entrepreneurs to focus on. It is easy to get so excited and emotionally invested in your idea that you do not take the proper time to research your idea for viability … Read more

Catania on how Groundswell Startups Assist Companies With Venture Capital Funds

By Catania Product Development | May 24, 2021

We have loved being a part of the Groundswell Startups community and are happy to see such a great article summarizing the hard work and fantastic resources available in one area. As Groundswell COO Jarin Eisenberg states: “We see Groundswell Startups as being a catalyst for change. We have created a space where people can take risks, pursue their … Read more